Cricut Tips with Tee – Fit to Page, Set Paper Size & Real Dial Size

Wow, are you ready for this week? Tee has so much to cover with you – you will learn how to set your paper size, use it to FIT to Page then she will review with you what Real Dial Size means.

Also, Next Makeup Session is scheduled for all day Saturday, October 13th.

Supplies to bring:
Black Pen
Black Ink
Umber Ink (or Bark)
Petal Pink
Ink Dauber (if you have one, if not bring a cotton ball for the cheeks)
Diamond or Star Dust Stickles
Glue Dots
3D Dots
Basic Tool kit and Adhesive/Glue

Class time is 10:30 to 3pm on Wednesday – Cost is $7 if you have not already bought your Cricut Club Pass.


  1. Very cute

  2. Ooo Oooohhh Oooohhhh….BEYOND CUTENESS!!!

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