Do you have Crafts and Crafting Supplies you no longer need? Did you upgrade some of your tools and are ready to part with your older ones?   At Hearts-n-Crafts you will be able to bring your items and sell them at the price you choose.

Here is how it will work:

  • Come in and sign up for $10 – we will issue you a vendor code and print out some “price tags” for you to add to your items.
  • Gather up your supplies, bag them, tag them and bring them to Hearts-n-Crafts the week of the sale. You don’t need to be here to sell your items. We will have everything set out in our back room ready for sale on March 27 at 10 am.
  • We will sell your items as priced. Collect the funds and within 7 days following the sale we will issue you a check for 60% or Store Credit for 70% of your total sales. Hearts-n-Crafts will retain a 30-40% commission.
  • We cannot be responsible for lost or stolen items during the sale. We will have staff monitering the merchandise throughout the entire day; however, you are welcome to be here as well, if you so choose.

Excited? Come in today and sign up!

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