Donations for Stolen Scrapbooking Supplies

Calling all Scrapbookers – – – One of our senior scrapbooking customer had all her scrapbooking supplies stolen. Because she is on a fixed income she isn’t able to afford to replace her items.

In the spirit of Christmas, I though if we all look through our tools for extras we can get enough donations to get her back up and crafting again…..



  1. Philllis Mendoza says:

    What does she need most. I have tons of rubber stamps along with punches, paper, ribbon, etc!

  2. Hi Phillis, we received a good amount of items for her. If you have Stamp, Punches, Ribbon or paper you would like to donate, I am sure she will appreciate it.

  3. Philllis Mendoza says:

    Would I take it to your store?

  4. Just saw the call for help. Is there anything missing? Forward list and where do I send them, if available.

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