PLEASE BE SURE TO RETURN YOUR TICKETS TO YOUR HOME STORE NO LATER THAN THIS SATURDAY, AUGUST 11TH, 2018. Prize drawing will be held at Hearts n Crafts on Aug 18th at 3 pm and you will be able to view the prize drawing via Facebook Live! Please turn in your RATINGS card(the one with the little stars) as well – please rate using 1 star as the lowest and 5 stars as the highest. We would appreciate any ideas or suggestions(or complaints) written on the backs(no names please). If you cannot fit the $ amounts, please don’t worry. if you want these items to be returned to you, please let your home store know! #hnc #hncblog #scrapbookstore #craftstore #momandpopstore #shopsmall #shopsmallbusiness #itsaroadtripyall #itsaroadtripyall2018

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