Tip Tuesday (on a Thursday): Needle Nose Glue Bottle

Hello everyone, and happy new year from all of us here at Hearts-n-Crafts. This is part of our new series called Tip Tuesday but due to unforeseen events, this week’s Tip Tuesday has been moved to Tip Thursday.

Today’s tip is all about how to use a needle nose bottle. We just got a big shipment of these bottles into the store, so now is the perfect time to come and buy one!  This is one of my favorite tools to use while crafting because it gives you such a precise line of glue exactly where you want it to go.  This is what the bottle itself looks like:


It’s a tiny bottle, but for the projects that you will be using it for, it’s the perfect size.  The needle nose has a cap that is attached with plastic chord so that (a) you do not lose it and (b) it keeps the nozzle from getting clogged and glue getting everywhere.  Each time you use the glue bottle be sure to put the cap back on immediately after you are done with it. This way the needle nose won’t get clogged and glue won’t go everywhere. Also, don’t push the cap down all the way or else it may get stuck and pull the needle tip out of the bottle.  One of the best glues to use with this bottle is the Tonic Craft Tacky Glue.  It works on multiple types of projects from paper to fabric so you can use the one needle nose bottle for multiple things.


All you do is take the cap off the needle nose bottle and set that to the side. Then, with the cap still on the other glue bottle, squeeze the glue from the bigger bottle to the smaller one. Then close the glue bottle and put it away and place the cap onto the needle nose bottle.

This glue bottle is perfect for when you have an intricate die cut or just the corners of a paper that need to be glued down.  For example, during the holidays I used the Tonic die that I got at Hearts-n-Crafts on some of my cards and I used the needle nose bottle to glue it down because it is so delicate.

You could also put some of the Nuvo clear drops into the bottle so that you can glaze over the eyes of animals that are too small to do with the regular Nuvo bottle.  This will add dimension to the card and make the character seem more life-like.

I hope you enjoyed this Tip Tuesday, on a Thursday, and we will be back to our normal posting schedule for Tip Tuesday next week.  Thank you for reading and we’ll see you at the store!

Tip Tuesday #1: Crafty Storage Ideas


Feeling overwhelmed by the amount of unfinished or ‘mostly’ finished projects in your craft room? Do you find projects falling through the cracks more and more? Here’s a scenario: You work and work on a scrapbook page (or card or Pocket Letter or ATC or whatever you want) and you’re almost done with it when you reach then end and there is still something more that it needs, but what is that? So, in hopes of coming up with a solution, you move it to the side.  Here’s another question, where is your ‘side’ and what does it hold? Or, you get all of these amazing new goodies to play with but you don’t know where to put them or how to organize them, what do you do? Have no fear, Hearts-N-Crafts is here to help with a few handy dandy tips for those projects started at home or in store.  We all have our crafting space, whether it’s a little nook in the living room or a whole room to yourself, it’s your own space and you need to make sure it’s workable for you so feel free to adjust these tips as needed.

Tip 1: Have ticket holders from Staples or big plastic baggies on hand so that when you do need to put a project to the side before completing it, you will have a labeled bag with all of your papers in it so nothing gets lost.

Tip 2: Now that you have your nice labeled bag, where do you put it? I find that a filing box really helps to keep my baggies organized, keeps clutter down, AND keeps me from having too many projects going at once so I won’t get overwhelmed. It also reminds me that when the box is full, to take out an already in progress project instead of starting something totally new before I have anywhere to store it.

Tip 3: Sharpies are your best friend and so are labeling machines.  I have tons of paper trays that hold everything from scraps to full 12×12 pieces of paper but everything, and I mean EVERYTHING, is labeled with my labeler or a Sharpie so I know where everything has it’s home.

Tip 4: Utilize all spaces to maximize your craft area.  Example, I keep my paper cutter in the tiny place between my trash can and my organizing tower. Every small space can be maximized to store the most amount of goodies, but be sure everything is in it’s place with a purpose so that you don’t forget where you put anything.

Tip 5: Mugs and mason jars and cups are your best friend. You have all of these great pens and pencils but they’re scattered everywhere.  My solution is to use a mason jar or a mug I can’t or don’t want to drink from, and store my pens and pencils and tools, like scissors, that way they are out of the way but in their own place.

Tip 6: When putting everything into the pouch to store until brilliance strikes, put everything but the kitchen sink in there. I mean, put the papers in but also put the stamps, inks, pens, anything that is specific to that project in there. Unless it is something you use every single day, then just make a note or remember where you put that specific thing.

And, that’s it folks.  I hope you enjoyed this Tip Tuesday.  If you have any questions, be sure to check us out on Facebook or leave a comment here! Thanks and we hope to have you back soon.